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my art work ^^

whoever likes my art, thank you sooo much :)

NO rude/mean/hate comments or you will be ignored!

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great art work :clap:


Powerpunk girls (in my AU) by supershadnic899
Powerpunk girls (in my AU)
Edit: Definition of Necromancer. Necromancer means a person who practice Necromancy, manipulate the dead. Just in case if anyone is confused of what that means ^^;

(I wanna do something before i head to bed. Here's my AU version of the powerpunk girls. So please, no hate.)

Name: Berserk Plutonium

Age: 28

Personality: Dark, Sarcastic, Bossy, laid-back, and very evil.

Relationship: Blood (Married) (in my head-canon)

Family: Brat (sister) Brute (sister) Blood (Husband) Bryan (son) Oppressor Plutonium (father )

Likes: Being bossy towards her sisters (and to blood), being smart (only when it comes to evil), beating up weaklings while working, and going to sleep.

Dislikes: Blossom, being rejected, getting grossed out by brute, and people doing evil things (that's only her and her sisters job to destroy )

Powers: Ice control, Cryokinetic Combat, Ice touch (Upgraded by Raven. It allows her to touch her enemies by using her ice ability )


-She's a business lady and working in the black market, along with Blood, as a business man.


Name: Brat Plutonium

Age: 28

Personality: Sassy, unintelligent, obnoxious, and rowdy. She can be a tease/flirting towards burner.

Relationship: Burner (Married) (once again, in my head-canon)

Family: Berserk (sister) Brute (sister) Burner (husband) Bassie (Daughter) Oppressor Plutonium (father)

Likes: Shopping ( by stealing clothes that she likes) being rowdy, flirting with burner, choking people, and calling burner "Burnie" as a nickname.

Dislikes: Dirtyness, Ripped up clothes, Bubbles, Berserk's bossy personality.

Powers: Water control, Hydrokinetic Combat, and summons her water bombs, Energy sword, and Water shrunkens. (Upgraded by Raven)


-She is a assassin. Nuff said.

-She can use poison blow kiss. She doesn't use it on Burner. She only poison kiss on enemies.


Name: Brute Plutonium

Age: 28

Personality: Violent (very), Rebellious, Rude, Crude, and gross.

Relationship: Bruke (Married) (ONCE again, in MY head-canon)

Family: Brat (sister) Berserk (sister) Bruke (husband) Backbite (Daughter) Oppressor Plutonium (Father)

Likes: Being nasty (in a gross way) towards her sisters, listening to rock music, being up people (brutally), and making destruction.

Dislikes: Being girly, wearing girly clothes, Buttercup, and losing.

Powers: Earth Control,Geokinetic Combat, and bringing and controlling people from the dead. (Upgraded by Raven)


-Thanks to Raven, she is a Necromancer.

-When she beings a real life dead body, she shows it to her sisters in other to grossed them out while Brute laughes. She does that to Blood and Burner as well. Also to Bruke, but He doesn't get grossed out. He thinks it's cool and he and her creates a plan to make blood,burner,brat and berserk vomit.

-Her hair hasn't changed. She still have her black rocker hair style.


A little backstory:

Every since the powerpunk girls keep on losing to the powerpuff girls every single time, they started to lose they're minds until Raven met them and make a deal. He took them to the other dimension "Monster world" and gives them the powers of evil crystals and matches they're colors. He gives the crystals to them and it blasted them. After the crystal blast, they feel powerful. He told them that the crystals can give them new powers and become stronger than before. He gives them another three crystals for the rowdyrase boys. Powerpunk girls thanked him and leaves and gives raven a warning:

Berserk: thanks for the gifts. But, let me tell you something. We know you made a deal with HIS (mirror counterpart of HIM) and hypnotized the rowdyrase boys before we snapped them out of it. Let it be a lesson for you. Never. Ever. Mess with the us, otherwise, You'll get punked!

Raven didn't say a word but a nod and watch them leave back to viletown. He said to himself:

Raven: *smirks* heh. No promises. *Leaves*


(Sooo much texting @_@ now, for some sleep. And, No haters/rude comments. Goodnight :sleep: )

Blood, Bryan, Burner, Bassie, Bruke and Backbite, HIS
, and Raven belongs to me

Berserk, HIM, Brat, Brute, Bubbles, Blossom, and Buttercup belongs to Craig McCracken
Few Bruke and Brute sketches~ by supershadnic899
Few Bruke and Brute sketches~
Due to my massive boredom, i have an idea of drawing Bruke and Brute.

- Bruke is listening to this:… I love that remix so very much ^^ so i taught putting bruke listening to it~

- The necromancer brute was my idea (and in my journal) and thinking making my AU (alternative universe) version of Brute. I'll color it later when I'm done with my version of AU Brat and AU Berserk. ^^ and maybe I'll make AU Bruke~


Brute belongs to Craig McCracken

Bruke belongs to me
Tagged by Beebad0704

1)Pick 5-10 characters
2) Don't change the questions
3) Let your OC's answer, not you (roleplay it if you wish)
4) Tag 5-10 people to do the meme (if you want)
5)Have fun!
Okay, I'll be using Blood, Burner, Bruke, and Raven

1. First off, please introduce yourself! Name, Age, Gender and anything else you'd like to add.

Blood: Names Blood, 13, Male.
Burner: I'm Burner, 13 years old, and I'm a male.
Bruke: Me is Bruke, 13 years old and me is a boy~!
Raven: My name is Raven, I'm 12 years old and a male.

2. That was interesting. Now, who in this meme do you find most attractive?

Blood: *crosses his arms and blushes*...Berserk..
Burner: Brat..>\\>
Bruke: A female name Brute~ 😍
Raven: My beautiful rose, Scarlett 

3. Now how would you rate that person, on a scale from 1-10, 1 being the worst, 10 being the best. (This is relating to question 2.)
Blood: a...9 maybe?
Burner: a 10.
Bruke: Definitely 10!
Raven: I'm keeping this as a secret. So, not answering.*Blushes and looks away*

4. If you could swap genders for a day, would you? If yes, what would you do?
Blood and Burner: No thank you.
Bruke: Maybe?? 
Raven: I don't know?

5. Would you tell us something that no one knows about you?
Blood, Burner and Bruke: Pretty much, everyone knows about us. Even in our home world, Viletown.
Raven: Nope.

6. Okay now lets see what's on your history of your computer!
Blood: i barely used a computer soo...?
Burner: If anyone sees or touch my computer, You'll get hurt very badly!!! :Stare: 
Bruke: What's a computer? :confused:
Raven: I don't owned one.

7. How about your phone now? Lets see what contacts, images and applications you have...
Blood: Nope! Away from my phone! :Share:
Burner: *hides his phone* No!
Bruke: me have none. This is my first time that me have one.
Raven: *insanely smile* Don't you dare!

8. Is there anything you absolutely adore or love?
Blood: Hearing the screams of weaklings of people in viletown...and my love for berserk...>\\\>
Burner: Beating people up and brat <//<
Bruke: Brute~ She's my dark Necromancer~ 😍
Raven: *thinks: how in the hell bruke knows what necromancer means?* Scarlett. :heart:

9. How about hate or despise? 
Blood, Burner and Bruke: When people forced us to be good/heroes by hypothesizing and losing to others!
Raven: Anyone hurts me or Scarlett, and being betrayed.

10.Now share with us what your hobbies are!
Blood: Hurting people.
Burner: Listening to music.
Bruke: Stabbing and Being with Brutey~
Raven: Testing my powers and being with Scarlett.

11. Interesting...Now describe your most interesting experience.
Everyone: ...

12. What is your dream job? What do you find fun about it?
Everyone: We don't have one.

13. If you only had one wish, what would it be?
Raven: Every enemies ,who i have, will burn in my own hands!
Blood, Burner, and Bruke: Nice!

14. Are you Uke, Seme, or Seke?
Raven: we're kids for gosh sike!!! What kind of person asked us this?! 

15. Now that makes me wonder, what's your sexuality?
Everyone: We're all straight. What do you expect? -_-

16. If everyone was to die in this meme, and the only way to save everyone is to sacrifice one, who would each of you vote out as a sacrifice?
Bruke: Me will do it.
Blood and Burner: Bruke! Noooo!!
Raven: what a brave young man. 

17. still sleep with a night light?
Blood: what is that?
Burner: No.
Bruke: No! Me is a big boy now! *Pouts*
Raven: No. Never.

18. Well that was good to know...Now if you had to chose the way you died, how would you?
Blood: I wouldn't think about that. So, i don't know?
Burner: Protecting brat.
Bruke: Me don't know.
Raven: losing my own blood.. 

19. Well it's now the end of the meme! How do you feel?
Blood: Good, i guess.
Burner: I feel fine.
Bruke: Super good! ^_^
Raven: I'm still wonder how do you know what Necromancer means.?

20. Tagging time (if you wish)

That is you want to ^^ its quite fun!


Blood, Burner, Raven and Bruke belongs to me

Scarlett belons to Beebad0704 
  • Mood: Pride
Dean Ambrose (wwe fan art) by supershadnic899
Dean Ambrose (wwe fan art)
A drawing of mine on Dean Ambrose of this picture:…

The lunatic Fringe~ 😍😊 (No hate comments)


Dean Ambrose belongs to wwe/himself
I've been tagged! by supershadnic899
I've been tagged!
Tagged by :iconvampireintherain:

Rules: -Draw with pen/marker only
-NO pencil sketches
-Don't stop to correct yourself
-Show handwriting
-Tag victims peeps


I dare thee all of those that i tag XD


supershadnic899's Profile Picture
Ayanna Chevannes
Artist | Student | Traditional Art
United States
Hello~ I'm Ayanna, known as Supershadnic899. Welcome to my page <3

I'm extremely shy, but I'm very nice :)

I am a artist who loves powerpuff girls, wwe, anime and other stuff~ I don't draw for fame, i draw because it's fun ^^ if you don't like my art, please leave and go to the left, i don't want haters here.

To the people who loves my art, Thank you very, very much ^^

Enjoy my page <3 <3

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